Mouths of Babe: Homelessness & Orphans

As adults and parents we often see ourselves as the authority, that we are raising our children; teaching our children, when they are also raising us; teaching us, if we let them. This past weekend we watched Rio, a fabulous animated comedy set in Rio de Janeiro about a rare domesticated macaw named Blu, for the tenth time when my daughter made a simple statement that the boy in the movie was homeless.  I added that he was also an orphan. “Isn’t that what I said, she asked?” So, I explained that he was not only without a home, but without parents, an orphan. She was quiet, “Oh”.

While it seemed like a lesson for her, it has also been an eye opener for me. This simple conversation led me to my “in the matrix” sort of unknown ignorance or misconception of who “Our” orphans are. Where are they?  It is sort of like the misconception that slavery doesn’t exist anymore and definitely not here in America. Wow!!! But it does!

We hide our trash and dirty laundry so well. Our “advanced” society has learned to package and communicate the worst, the best, making us believe that it isn’t what it seems. It is! Foster Care is our orphanage hidden behind various organizations and homes. We don’t really see children on the streets. They seem to be neatly tucked away into people’s homes or group homes and treatment facilities. Maybe I need to just visit some homeless shelters to get an eye full of the TRUTH. Continue reading “Mouths of Babe: Homelessness & Orphans”