Right Timing Is Everything

There are so many things on my list to do! It has been about a month and I still haven’t gotten to them, not because I’m procrastinating, but because there is so much. This is frustrating especially when you know that your next step depends on you completing the uncompleted tasks.

I think sometimes life has a way of prioritizing our lives for us. You know when you’re getting around to doing something, but pressing issues seem to keep cropping up and you run out of steam or time for that day and you find yourself into the next day? This may be life’s way of showing us what is more important or that it is just not time for that. May be life is trying to buy us some time for things to line up; people, places, things and situations to be perfectly aligned to bring about our highest good.

There are times when you have to let life happen by going with the flow. This takes discipline, patience and tolerance with self and the situation; Surrendering. Respect the natural flow of life. Right timing is everything.