Going With My Flow

Artist: Monica Stewart

I’m feeling a little stuck. I can’t seem to get a good, heartfelt New Year’s resolution list down on paper. I mean, I’ve jotted some things down, but I’m not feeling it. I’ve already determined that stepping out is the truth of what’s in my heart. So, why am I trying to take the baby steps right now? There is a time to stick and a time to move. Maybe this really is the time to move… Move out on what I’ve been working towards, instead of trying to be routine and monotonous. The strategy and pace will not be the same and will not get the same results each time.  That is why we shouldn’t follow in the footsteps of another, thinking that we will get the same results. We’re not supposed to. That’s why the strategy last year, may not be the strategy for this year.

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about a suggestion made by Darren Hardy of Success Magazine, in an article titled, Achieving Your “One Thing”. Continue reading “Going With My Flow”