Decisions… Decisions…

It is interesting how life gives you a chance to act on and implement the lessons it has been teaching you. I think it is quite divine, omnipresent, almost like standing on top of your world, as a spectator, as a puppeteer, pulling your own strings. Or like a sculptor, sculpting your life with every thought, touch, every decision. Or like a chess player, strategizing and contemplating the consequence of your next move.  You are the Master and the Subject being observed, molded, created and manifested.  What an awesome position to be in!

Like the spectator, the puppeteer, the sculptor, the chess player, you must exercise quiet contemplation, observation, wisdom and make careful decisions about the situation, which string to pull and when, how and where to place your sculpting hands  and strategic positioning. Continue reading “Decisions… Decisions…”

THE SWEET SCIENCE: Stick and Move Strategy to Life

Stick and Move is a term that I use when referring to the judgment and action used in our daily lives to achieve the results that we desire. In boxing terms, it is the decision to stick (to fight) and move (to elude). It is when a boxer jabs or uses long range punches then quickly steps in any direction using elusive footwork to evade the opponent.

Advice from the boxing forum:

“Stick is your jab, imagine your jab is your stick, and you are sticking someone with it. Then you need to move, that is when footwork steps in. You need to move laterally, forwards, backwards and vertically.”    ~Unknown

“Some people even think the move is more important than the stick others think the stick is more important than the move, but the truth is the stick and move should sleep together and are close like brother and sister.”   ~Unknown

“Your movement is your everything, to all the kids who are new to boxing — work on your footwork. Once you got it right, and I don’t mean fancy stuff, just your balance and coordination, everything else is gonna come relatively easy”.  ~Unknown Continue reading “THE SWEET SCIENCE: Stick and Move Strategy to Life”