If I Could See What You See…

I’ve often wondered what other see when they look at me. What do they think? What kind of impression do I make? What kind of person am I to the familiar and to the stranger? If only I could see what you see, would I make better choices in clothing, in friends, in men? Would I be a better woman, a better lover, a better mother? What would I change about me?

I would be a better friend to me, being sure to tell me that I love me all of the time. I would compliment me and give me constructive criticism for my betterment and edification. I would give me advice about fashion and relationships; about finance and career. I would be my best friend. I would tell me how to eat healthier and how to fit exercise into my day, with ease. I would tell me how to be better organized as a mother; how to be more patient with my children. I would tell me how to nurture both of my children as individuals, with the love, insightfulness and courage of Jesus, the Christ; of Buddha, of Mahatma Gandhi, of Martin Luther King, of Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth, of George Washington Carver…Of God, the Creator. Continue reading “If I Could See What You See…”