20 years ago, I began having dreams in which a voice came to me saying “Come with me, I have something I want to show you”. The first time I went to a place where spirits were kind of waiting; the second time I decided not to go. Then the third time came and I went. This time was different from the first and the second. The voice seems closer, stronger, powerful, yet gentle and loving.

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Quite often when we think about or hear about the curing of an illness or maladaptive behavior, it is coupled with the idea of a fight. When a person dies of the disease, it is said that “they lost their battle with cancer” for example.  Was their battle really with cancer? Is it always a matter of fighting the enemy? Should it be a battle at all?

The battle seems to be with self. And while we may call it a battle, healing is really a matter of acceptance and balancing of the natural laws of existence that governs the whole of life. Discipline. Our quality of life is determined by whether we respect and live according to The Divine Laws set forth by the Creator.

Wounds and their effect, dysfunction, will be healed by getting back in line with the Divine. Our power is directly influenced by our alignment with the Divine, which governs every aspect of our lives from relationships to diet. Continue reading “HEALING… DIVINE BALANCE”