Stand In Your Power

imagesCAKGNMPFFinally, I realize what it means to stand in my power. Being without it allowed me to realize that I have it. I have…You have power that has nothing to do with the power that someone else has. It has everything to do with positioning and maintaining a position that renders you powerful in your own right. Most important is that no one can take that away from you. You have to give it away. How?

1. Making decisions that put you at a disadvantage
2. Compromising your TRUTH
3. Giving too much when little is deserved or earned
4. Saying too much or too little
5. Assuming
6. Acting on feelings/emotions alone

Plainly put, you give away your power when your decide or act out of weakness or ignorance. Standing in your power means to think, act and speak decisively, wisely and with conviction. Power is concentrated mental, spiritual and physical energy that is sound and properly placed. Standing in your rightful place, in your right frame of mind, doing the right things is POWERFUL.

Never be moved by the whims of others. Never allow yourself to be tossed to and fro like leaves that have dropped to the ground with no place to go, no root, no foundation…No Power.

Be more like the tree that stands still, rooted and grounded in its power.

Temet Nosce ~ Know Thyself

TRULY CREATIVE PEOPLE OFTEN THREATEN THE VERY SOCIAL ORDER, VALUES, AND WAYS OF THINKING THAT GAVE THEM BIRTH. Hence, if these people do not gain their insights through training in the established social institutions and through sociocultural patterns, where does this creativity come from? We must answer that the intuitive function in man is the prime source of all new insights and imagination. The intellect is conditioned by many factors, but the INTUITION (the portal of inspiration) seems to have relative FREEDOM. ~ Steven Arroyo

Right Timing Is Everything

There are so many things on my list to do! It has been about a month and I still haven’t gotten to them, not because I’m procrastinating, but because there is so much. This is frustrating especially when you know that your next step depends on you completing the uncompleted tasks.

I think sometimes life has a way of prioritizing our lives for us. You know when you’re getting around to doing something, but pressing issues seem to keep cropping up and you run out of steam or time for that day and you find yourself into the next day? This may be life’s way of showing us what is more important or that it is just not time for that. May be life is trying to buy us some time for things to line up; people, places, things and situations to be perfectly aligned to bring about our highest good.

There are times when you have to let life happen by going with the flow. This takes discipline, patience and tolerance with self and the situation; Surrendering. Respect the natural flow of life. Right timing is everything.

Mouths of Babe: Homelessness & Orphans

As adults and parents we often see ourselves as the authority, that we are raising our children; teaching our children, when they are also raising us; teaching us, if we let them. This past weekend we watched Rio, a fabulous animated comedy set in Rio de Janeiro about a rare domesticated macaw named Blu, for the tenth time when my daughter made a simple statement that the boy in the movie was homeless.  I added that he was also an orphan. “Isn’t that what I said, she asked?” So, I explained that he was not only without a home, but without parents, an orphan. She was quiet, “Oh”.

While it seemed like a lesson for her, it has also been an eye opener for me. This simple conversation led me to my “in the matrix” sort of unknown ignorance or misconception of who “Our” orphans are. Where are they?  It is sort of like the misconception that slavery doesn’t exist anymore and definitely not here in America. Wow!!! But it does!

We hide our trash and dirty laundry so well. Our “advanced” society has learned to package and communicate the worst, the best, making us believe that it isn’t what it seems. It is! Foster Care is our orphanage hidden behind various organizations and homes. We don’t really see children on the streets. They seem to be neatly tucked away into people’s homes or group homes and treatment facilities. Maybe I need to just visit some homeless shelters to get an eye full of the TRUTH. Continue reading “Mouths of Babe: Homelessness & Orphans”

Fast Forward Thirty Years……

What will you be doing? How old will you be? Are you on task for fulfill your dreams and purpose for this life? Are you happy?  Who are you? If you haven’t thought about any of these things, you should.  Time waits for no one.

In 30 years I will be 70 years old. Wow!! Reality is that unless we die, we will all get there and hopefully surpass it.  I hope for good health, properity, peace, happiness and for grand children. I hope to have written and published several books; to have been a blessing to my family, friends and clients; to the world. I hope to be wise and able to pass that wisdom on to all that will receive it.  I hope to remain active in my career or what I consider to be my calling until I die. Callings don’t die because they are you, your spirit’s purpose. So as long as my spirit inhabits this body, helping others and inspiring them is what I’ll do. I hope that my work inspires my kids to care for others as I do; to take the love that I’ve given them and given to others and taking it to the next level, as love is infinite. There is no limit. I hope that my mother will have lived long enough to see God’s purpose fulfilled in me. 

On a little lighter note, I really want that beautiful garden of orchids, aloes, fountains and ponds. If I’m still living in cooler temperatures, I would love for this to be in the form of a small scale interior botanical garden. If I’m living in tropical weather that’s even better and will probably be better for my aging body.  :  )  It will be important for me to be near my children, hopefully they will want to be near me as well.  :  ) My mind just veered off to the fact that I do not live near to my parents. See, it’s nice to write because things are brought to your attention and requires a different way of assessing your life. The same thing happened when I married at 35, but didn’t want to have kids til I was 40. Reflecting on my own age and how my life would unfold in reference to my life with my children and watching them grow, marry and have kids, put me in my parent’s position. I was able to see their perspective. After 8 months of marriage, I became pregnant with my first child and gave birth to my second child at 39 years old. Will I have another? I don’t know. I’m open. A third child would for my other two. The more the merrier, especially once I’m gone. I guess my life is really for others.  I really never realized that until now. That’s what I continue to say and pray for. Again, writing is therapeutic and revealing of the inner thoughts and dreams that seem to be hidden even from the author until written.

Humm! Moving closer to my parents? That’s something to think about.

In closing, I hope that I live to be a ripe old age. 70 years old, ironically does not seem to be too old to me, now that I am 40 years old and still being mistaken for a 30 year old.  I think I could swing 90 or 100 easily!