What helps a person hold on in a life or death situation, such as being stranded in a desert or on a boat floating in the middle of the ocean? I’m sure a part of them wants to die at some point, to escape the feelings of helplessness and desolation, solace and extreme fear. Maybe the only reason people survive is that a carnivorous animal wasn’t that hungry and the person just wasn’t willing to take his/her own life. So, they lived.

But, I know there are some survivors that will to live for reasons: a vision for their lives, to see their children grow up, to make love to their wife or husband again…  I don’t know, maybe sex is the last thing on your mind in these situations, but something kept them pushing and striving.  And I’ll bet you the things that kept survivors of near death experiences alive is the same things that gets everyone through the hard times in life. You know those dismal times in life, the times when you thought nothing could be worse with the exception of dying; the times when you felt it would be best to just disappear and never be seen again? Yeah…   Continue reading “THROUGH DARKNESS… INTO LIGHT”


Quite often when we think about or hear about the curing of an illness or maladaptive behavior, it is coupled with the idea of a fight. When a person dies of the disease, it is said that “they lost their battle with cancer” for example.  Was their battle really with cancer? Is it always a matter of fighting the enemy? Should it be a battle at all?

The battle seems to be with self. And while we may call it a battle, healing is really a matter of acceptance and balancing of the natural laws of existence that governs the whole of life. Discipline. Our quality of life is determined by whether we respect and live according to The Divine Laws set forth by the Creator.

Wounds and their effect, dysfunction, will be healed by getting back in line with the Divine. Our power is directly influenced by our alignment with the Divine, which governs every aspect of our lives from relationships to diet. Continue reading “HEALING… DIVINE BALANCE”

Do We Ever Heal? How?

I know that you’ve heard the commonly used statement, “The truth shall set you free”. Many of us use the term very lightly without realizing its truth and power. I had a conversation with someone that I’ve grown to know fairly well over the past five years, about incest and its prevalence in families. She asked, “Do we ever heal? I said, yes. She asked, “How”? I responded with, “The truth heals”.

My brother and I had this conversation just the other day about truth and its relationship to healing. We were discussing a book that I’d just finished reading, Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss, M.D., a psychiatrist that literally stumbles upon the fact that there is life after death. A young woman with a history of depression and anxiety had begun therapy with him upon the recommendation of a hospital staff member. The doctor was utilizing traditional therapy that was not helping and he did not prescribe medication as he normally would have. Instead he began hypnotherapy, in which he guided the client into a deeply relaxed state. Here in this relaxed state she was able to go back into previous life times. She came into contact with ascended spirits of great wisdom. In this type of therapy she was able to identify the source of her anxieties.

She was able to heal by facing the traumas she had experienced in other lives, which actually translated into her current life. Spirit is infinite, living on, past the physical lives that we live. With knowledge of truth and understanding, her anxieties began to melt away, without the use of drugs.

Another example that my brother shared with me was the story of a man who had lived his life feeling hated and rejected by his father. Whenever he would share his work with his father (he was a writer), his father would never respond in any way. He sought his father’s approval, but never received it.

Well, after his father died he found out that his father was not rejecting him. He father was illiterate, he could not read. Wow, he was not rejecting him. He had lived a life of shame for not knowing how to read. He did not find the strength to share this with his son. The son felt sorry that his father lived a life in which he could not read, and had feelings guilt and shame because of it. Yet, the truth fostered his healing.

Truth heals! It healed me after 17 years of grieving my father. After years of crying and grieving, you would not believe what the truth did for me. It healed my broken heart. I was able to put the pieces of the puzzle together. I knew more about my father, whether good or bad. It did not matter to me. I wanted to know the man who was my dad. Knowledge of the truth set me free. I was proud and had clarity of mind. After many tears in crying through the process of searching and revealing the truth to myself and about a hundred classmates at Florida State University, I was renewed. I felt great! I didn’t cry anymore. Well I did, but my reason for crying afterwards was that of love, instead of grief.


Expect to cry. Crying cleanses the heart so that your spirit can see, feel and experience the love of self and others.