Woman…Man’s Achilles Heel and His Healing

Legend has it that Achilles was the bravest hero of the Trojan war, according to Greek mythology. When Achilles was born, his mother, Thetis, tried to make him immortal by dipping him in the river Styx. As she immersed him, she held him by one heel and forgot to dip him a second time so the heel she held could get wet too. Therefore, the place where she held him remained untouched by the magic water of the Styx and that part stayed mortal or vulnerable. Achilles fought heroically against the Trojans, but was killed by Paris,  who shot him in the heel with an arrow from behind.  To this day, any weak point is called an “Achilles Heel”. We also refer to the strong tendon that connects the muscles of the calf of the leg with the heel bone as the “achilles tendon”.

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Sex & Quantum Physics

I have often wondered how many couples make love to each others’ spirit.  I’m willing to bet that number is small compared to the number whose love making is the result of physical attraction and emotion, alone.  The physical attraction stimulates emotions that form attachments, creating the lustful urge to have sex.

Do you think that making love could be any deeper than that orgasm that turned your insides out? Maybe not if the intention is a physical release of tension or attainment of physical pleasure. But don’t you ever think, “This could be a lot better or deeper”? Continue reading “Sex & Quantum Physics”