Time: Evening, May 9, 2012

I’m sure you’ve noticed and I realize that many of my posts are about relationships. It is because I realize that life is about relationships. We are all having “One Big Relationship” with each other. What you think and do, affects me and I, you. How about that?!

Well, I’ve been working through some thoughts and feelings about dating and it’s path to marriage. While many take a haphazard approach to dating, I believe dating is just as serious as planning your career. It is a part of your “family planning”. Yeah, although some front as if they are just having fun, yet, really and truly, everyone is looking for “that one” to catch their attention and capture their  hearts.  And if…through the process of dating, your goal is to meet your husband or wife,  “dating is a serious matter”. You may not acknowledge this fact, but ultimately you are in search of a “partner for life”. Even the playa-playa and the wanna be, act-like-a-man woman who sleeps around and uses her goods to get what she wants, is looking for love. Face it, love is at the core of our being. It is what we seek from others and it completes us. Unfortunately, we have to sort through the layers of mental and spiritual calluses to get to the soft inner being that is light and love. It’s ok though, because we have all been through something and the calluses protect; they are filters, padding and protection from pain.

Today, the most important question on the subject popped up in my mind, “Can I Submit Unto You”. Men love the concept of “submission”,  women tend to turn their noses up to it. But, I think that any woman who is able to go deeper than her thoughts and misconceptions about submitting, will find that she deeply wants to find someone who she can submit to.  She will want to submit…to the right person, because he will be worthy. Continue reading “TERMS OF SUBMISSION”

Decisions… Decisions…

It is interesting how life gives you a chance to act on and implement the lessons it has been teaching you. I think it is quite divine, omnipresent, almost like standing on top of your world, as a spectator, as a puppeteer, pulling your own strings. Or like a sculptor, sculpting your life with every thought, touch, every decision. Or like a chess player, strategizing and contemplating the consequence of your next move.  You are the Master and the Subject being observed, molded, created and manifested.  What an awesome position to be in!

Like the spectator, the puppeteer, the sculptor, the chess player, you must exercise quiet contemplation, observation, wisdom and make careful decisions about the situation, which string to pull and when, how and where to place your sculpting hands  and strategic positioning. Continue reading “Decisions… Decisions…”

If I Could See What You See…

I’ve often wondered what other see when they look at me. What do they think? What kind of impression do I make? What kind of person am I to the familiar and to the stranger? If only I could see what you see, would I make better choices in clothing, in friends, in men? Would I be a better woman, a better lover, a better mother? What would I change about me?

I would be a better friend to me, being sure to tell me that I love me all of the time. I would compliment me and give me constructive criticism for my betterment and edification. I would give me advice about fashion and relationships; about finance and career. I would be my best friend. I would tell me how to eat healthier and how to fit exercise into my day, with ease. I would tell me how to be better organized as a mother; how to be more patient with my children. I would tell me how to nurture both of my children as individuals, with the love, insightfulness and courage of Jesus, the Christ; of Buddha, of Mahatma Gandhi, of Martin Luther King, of Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth, of George Washington Carver…Of God, the Creator. Continue reading “If I Could See What You See…”

Sex & Quantum Physics

I have often wondered how many couples make love to each others’ spirit.  I’m willing to bet that number is small compared to the number whose love making is the result of physical attraction and emotion, alone.  The physical attraction stimulates emotions that form attachments, creating the lustful urge to have sex.

Do you think that making love could be any deeper than that orgasm that turned your insides out? Maybe not if the intention is a physical release of tension or attainment of physical pleasure. But don’t you ever think, “This could be a lot better or deeper”? Continue reading “Sex & Quantum Physics”

UNBREAKABLE: Maintaining Self-Worth

After 7 years of marriage, I am flying solo again. Only, now I have a couple of cute little passengers that are depending on me to be the perfect pilot. I have two additional lives to nurture and protect, to teach and be a role model for. I have two extra mouths to feed and bodies to clothe. And you know what? I’m up for the challenge!

Even before I was a mother or a wife, I prayed for God to create in me, a fit mother and a fit wife. I prayed that God would bless me with children and a husband into which I could pour my love.

Kids are usually a safe vessel in which to pour your love, as they are like sponges. And they reciprocate love without hesitation and without prerequisites. However, man-woman relationships can be dysfunctional and stagnant, lacking in the key ingredients required for happiness. These relationships can be draining, counterproductive, volatile, lacking love and luster, depth and intimacy, trust. Dissolving the foundation and institution of marriage, these unions, are destructive and haphazard. Continue reading “UNBREAKABLE: Maintaining Self-Worth”


Love can be like a torch in the night, leading and guiding our intentions and actions towards others. For the first time in about two years, my heart desired to design and create a piece of jewelry, a necklace for someone. As an artist/designer, the process of creating begins inside of you. It is from information both spoken and unspoken; seen and unseen, that you create. It is purposeful. It is as if you are collecting information with every breath, every interaction, every conversation, every expression and emotion of your encounter. Sounds intense, but it is not for an artist. You look for and are very open to all things. This is where our inspiration comes from. Nothing is taken for granted. Continue reading “TORCH OF LOVE”