Sometimes God Has To Uproot Us

uprootSometimes God has to shake us up, uproot us in order replant and establish us in more fertile ground. Like tilling the earth, God allows our lives to be turned upside down in order to loosen our roots and attachments, so that we are moveable, flexible, pliable, teachable, usable, more attentive to the way. When we are shaken up, we seek stability, we seek direction, we seek God.

This message was dream-inspired. The knowledge that I gathered from the experience, felt like this message. When our lives are shaken, sometimes we don’t know whether we are coming or going. Trying to stabilize in the midst of chaos is disturbing and unsettling. When you can’t stabilize physically, mentally and emotionally, you can receive peace by refocusing your spiritual eyes (attention) on God. God needs your attention in order to teach you and guide you. Humble yourself at the Creator’s footstool and prepare to learn and gain wisdom.


Window of My Soul







When I look into your eyes I see the eyes of many faces.

I hear the voice of many waters and feel the hearts of many souls.

I hear the cooing of a dove, your unconditional love.

Graceful and unassuming.

When I look into your eyes I feel your need for my love.

You devour my presence and inhale my every word.

When I look into your eyes, my children

I see you, but I also see them

The others who I know not, but that I dream about.

Children from many places, many walks and many races

I see you.

I feel you.

And I pray for you.

When I look into your eyes

I can see through the window of my soul.

I see you

Your trials and tribulations.

Dreams of Happiness by Mali Girl

RainbowSwann I wish that I were magic because wherever I am I can help people or I would make magic if I see someone who is homeless. I would just use my magic to make everybody who is poor have tons of money and it would rain money on the earth every Wednesday and Sunday and the money would rain inside the house in the rooms, in the kitchen,the living room; in the dining room,in the garage,and in the bathroom.

And I can fly. Also if I had powers I could use my powers for me to use when I have free time like I could use my powers so in the future my Mom will buy me a female puppy and I would name her Pepper or Lemon Meringue. And I also think that animals are having a very hard time because their farmers don’t let them live. The farmers are killing them and I DON’T LIKE THAT! Those poor animals getting killed every day. It’s not them who should be tortured it should be the farmers. Yes they should know how it feels. I wouldn’t like it. Mali Girl

Meditating In Not So Quiet Places

Bed1Bedtime is the time that we retire, relax and rejuvenate. Exponentially, bedtime for me has become the time that I connect and extend my antennae towards the universe, to connect and receive.

There is a fine line between the conscious here and the spiritual there. Like tuning into a radio station, spiritual tuning is the same. One needs to develop the skills to tune in and hold the frequency. It is a very delicate connection to gain and maintain. Nevertheless…I had gained some skill in being able to tune in and I was beginning to perfect it…within my quiet place.

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Why She’s Worth More Than Rubies

RubyHave you ever heard of the saying that “The heart of the home is in the kitchen”? Well, my Mother was always the heart of our home. And  now that I am a Mother, I know that the kitchen is just the kitchen. Add a Woman…and now you’ve got a home. It’s the spirit and energy of a Woman that is the heart of the home. The kitchen comes alive with her in it creating love…nurturing. Her heart is at work in every crack and crevice. 

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