Sometimes God Has To Uproot Us

uprootSometimes God has to shake us up, uproot us in order replant and establish us in more fertile ground. Like tilling the earth, God allows our lives to be turned upside down in order to loosen our roots and attachments, so that we are moveable, flexible, pliable, teachable, usable, more attentive to the way. When we are shaken up, we seek stability, we seek direction, we seek God.

This message was dream-inspired. The knowledge that I gathered from the experience, felt like this message. When our lives are shaken, sometimes we don’t know whether we are coming or going. Trying to stabilize in the midst of chaos is disturbing and unsettling. When you can’t stabilize physically, mentally and emotionally, you can receive peace by refocusing your spiritual eyes (attention) on God. God needs your attention in order to teach you and guide you. Humble yourself at the Creator’s footstool and prepare to learn and gain wisdom.


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