Meditating In Not So Quiet Places

Bed1Bedtime is the time that we retire, relax and rejuvenate. Exponentially, bedtime for me has become the time that I connect and extend my antennae towards the universe, to connect and receive.

There is a fine line between the conscious here and the spiritual there. Like tuning into a radio station, spiritual tuning is the same. One needs to develop the skills to tune in and hold the frequency. It is a very delicate connection to gain and maintain. Nevertheless…I had gained some skill in being able to tune in and I was beginning to perfect it…within my quiet place.

CityA new, not so quiet abode has brought about a new set of challenges to tuning in, to meditation. I absolutely love my new abode! I love that I am in walking distance to many things that I love including my favorite organic food store, shopping, the theatre and lots of great restaurants! And I plan to try every one of them. But the issue in the midst of these great amenities is that it is kind of noisy around here. I’ve always wanted this “in the mix” type lifestyle. But, now that I have it, it has it’s downside…Noise.

Last night, every time I felt the meditative silence and calming sort of trance come upon me, the HVAC kicked in or a bus or noisy car passed by. The street here in this suburban, downtown, populace is right outside of my window. I love it…but…

After tossing and turning all night, Saturday morning I’m laying there thinking:

  • Why is everything suddenly such a distraction? Afterall, I have slept rather well since I moved here, despite the noise.
  • Does this mean I’ll never get a good night’s sleep ever again? I’ll be looking like a hag because I am…haggard.
  • How do I meditate around the distractions?
  • I miss the uninterrupted time to swoon in my meditative state.
  • Surely, this does not mean that my spiritual life is going down the drain.

Although I was feeling quite annoyed and tired, I got up and began my busy Saturday with the kids. But, I’m thinking… What would Jesus, Yogis and Sages do in the midst of distractions?

    Vihangam Yogis say that the eyes and ears are limited and can see and hear only within a limited spectrum of what is to see and hear in the spiritual realms.

Just as a bird leaves its base on the earth to fly high in the sky, so does Vihangam Yoga enable the human Soul to cut off its moorings in the phenomenal world and realize its true and free nature.

Vihangam means bird. And in the ancient philosophy of Vihangam Yoga, just as a bird floats in the air overcoming the gravitational force of the earth, so does the consciousness of the Atma (soul) float in the limitless space of pure consciousness leaving behind its physical base i.e. body, mind and intellect.

  • Paramhansa Yogananda, a guru and yogi of Kriya Yoga states in his book, the Essence of Self-Realization that:

The devotee who makes the supreme effort is the one who finds God. Not the one who keeps seeking excuses, saying, “Let me find a quiet place; then I’ll meditate.” Procrastinators will never reach God. But if you tell yourself, “Right now I will go deep in meditation!” you can be there in an instant.

When a person is really sleepy, can’t he fall asleep anywhere? So is it with the person who loves God. He can meditate even in a train station or in the market place.

  • 2 Corinthians 10:5 in the Bible says to “Cast down imaginations…to bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ”.

Casting down imaginations, those things that have no true power over you, bringing them into the light of truth will deliver from the strong hold of their perceived ability to distract and to control your mind.

So, how do I cast these noises down? Putting them in perspective? Do I push them to the background? I’ve check the vents of the HVAC system and there’s nothing I can do with them or the air that’s being forced through rather aggressively and loudly. And well…the city streets aren’t going to get any quieter.

It is so much easier to do or be when things are perfect. I see this challenge as an opportunity to master the art of being spiritually attuned in any situation. It is important that we be able to adapt and be spiritually adept even in the midst of storms. Isn’t that what superheros master doing to maintain their keen perception and powers?

I read in Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes, a quote by Albert Einstein: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”. So in order to rise above the noise I must approach it from a higher level than the physical plane upon which it was created.Watch this short video based upon the book.

What? Do I hear silence? Things were kind of quiet for while. But I just heard a loud muffler drive by. I’m retiring to my boudoir, my dojo, for a lesson in meditation in noisy places.