Stand In Your Power

imagesCAKGNMPFFinally, I realize what it means to stand in my power. Being without it allowed me to realize that I have it. I have…You have power that has nothing to do with the power that someone else has. It has everything to do with positioning and maintaining a position that renders you powerful in your own right. Most important is that no one can take that away from you. You have to give it away. How?

1. Making decisions that put you at a disadvantage
2. Compromising your TRUTH
3. Giving too much when little is deserved or earned
4. Saying too much or too little
5. Assuming
6. Acting on feelings/emotions alone

Plainly put, you give away your power when your decide or act out of weakness or ignorance. Standing in your power means to think, act and speak decisively, wisely and with conviction. Power is concentrated mental, spiritual and physical energy that is sound and properly placed. Standing in your rightful place, in your right frame of mind, doing the right things is POWERFUL.

Never be moved by the whims of others. Never allow yourself to be tossed to and fro like leaves that have dropped to the ground with no place to go, no root, no foundation…No Power.

Be more like the tree that stands still, rooted and grounded in its power.

Temet Nosce ~ Know Thyself

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