Finding Your Needle In The Haystack…

imagesCAZJGZUUFinding yourself can be like finding a needle in a haystack. But, the one thing that you have going for you is that you are one-in-a-million. There is no one else like you!

Finding the one needle in the haystack sounds impossible, right? While not impossible, yes it is a challenge. Sorting through all that hay! Buried under distractions of many guises, you are barely recognizable, suffocating. Check your pulse! Unhappy and unfulfilled, you can’t quite put your finger on what is missing. Why the dull, unmotivated feeling? There is a constant feeling of frustration simmering just beneath your surface. Uneasy. Insecure. Powerless. A constant cloud of uncertainty hovers overhead smothering your light and draining your energy. Unfulfilled in your work and relationships because you have gone astray. Life is monotonous and mediocre. Real Talk…This is depression!

DE – removal, privation, separation, away from – SELF

PRESSION – Endeavor to move, Pressing



YOU ARE DEPRIVING YOURSELF OF YOU. The object of your affection, your treasure at the end of the rainbow…IS YOU! Find the needle and you will find self. Albeit a spark. Gather that spark, stoke it until it is a flame, a force of change, passion, creativity, motivation and will power. By stoking the spark of your being, your flame will consume all distractions (Hay), leaving only the truth (You), the one needle in the haystack. The clearing away of the hay, encourages seeds (potential) lying dormant to burst forth. Finding the needle in a haystack may seem like a physical act by description, but in essence, it is the metaphysical act of bringing forth and giving birth to YOU. It goes beyond the physical.

The needle has shine, an eye and an extremely fine point.  When you touch it, you will know. Finding it requires patience, visual acuity and what is called “passive tactile spatial acuity”, the ability to resolve the fine spatial details of an object against the stationary skin. Spiritually Speaking…it requires your ability to attune to and discern even the faintest indications of truth within your spirit. Truth feels like a spark of excitement and happiness resonating with your spirit, your core. Try this:

  • Be mindful of all of your senses, as they are indicators or sensors that can detect your closeness to the needle.
  • When your sensors are aroused, pause… in that moment…pin point the source that has aroused your senses…whether it be happiness, sadness, love, admiration, excitement, inspiration, compassion, hurt, pain, etc. This takes practice.

The information being reported to you is like looking into the eye of the needle. The eye is the heart of the needle, the heart of the matter. Touching the eye, is touching the spirit, is touching the truth…is touching You.

I know this may sound a bit Matrix(y), but it is like Neo in The Matrix, who, in order to see, pin point, and avoid danger, slowed it down. It is a mental and spiritual slowing down, not a physical. It requires a mindfulness and an attention to your inner workings and its interaction and reactions to the outside world, if that makes any sense. In real-time, everything is going fast, but in mental/spiritual realms, you’ve slowwweddd it down. Matrix2

Slowing it down helps to gain focus and attention to the details of your inner workings, your emotions and the sources that spark the emotions. Like Neo, we can find our inner Christ (Anointed One), our “Needle In A Haystack”. And when we do, we will have found purpose and fulfillment, a better way to navigate the physical terrain (haystack) with precision and skill.

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