Woman…Man’s Achilles Heel and His Healing

Legend has it that Achilles was the bravest hero of the Trojan war, according to Greek mythology. When Achilles was born, his mother, Thetis, tried to make him immortal by dipping him in the river Styx. As she immersed him, she held him by one heel and forgot to dip him a second time so the heel she held could get wet too. Therefore, the place where she held him remained untouched by the magic water of the Styx and that part stayed mortal or vulnerable. Achilles fought heroically against the Trojans, but was killed by Paris,  who shot him in the heel with an arrow from behind.  To this day, any weak point is called an “Achilles Heel”. We also refer to the strong tendon that connects the muscles of the calf of the leg with the heel bone as the “achilles tendon”.

Troy, starring Brad Pitt as Greek warrior Achilles is a classic love story. Its portrayal of love and passion between man and woman; the extremes of femininity and masculinity; the exchange of the mental, physical and spiritual elements of male and female was graceful and a bit elegant. Watching the aggression of men dissolve in the arms of a woman; watching the most feminine woman rise up in defense of self or to support her husband was most inspirational as it portrayed men and women as complements to each other.

Achilles believed in destiny, in fate. He believed he would go down in history as a great warrior and people would remember his name. His dedication to his craft and skill as a warrior was inspiring, splendid and sexy, amazing. I was awed by his spirit, craftsmanship, his artistry. He was mentally, physically and spiritually astute. His instincts were keen. Confident in his natural skills, yet never taking them for granted. He spent time with the tools of his craft. They gave him an outlet for his aggression.

On the contrary, Briseis, a Trojan princess, was a place of refuge, of solace to him. He spoke the sweetest words to her as he was taking his last breaths:

You gave me peace in a lifetime of war.

The most feared man in Greece and Troy spoke these words to Briseis, once his captive, then his love. Once with many women, then with ONE, in mind, body and spirit. He appreciated her beauty, the sweet smell of her hair, as well as her strength.

Women, if you don’t know, know that men need you. Your body represents home, a place of comfort and solace. Your mind represents reason, balance. Your spirit represents God, his higher self. Through you he becomes a Creator, a Father. By you, he is energized and empowered. This is what you do for him just because you’re a woman who adores him and believes in him. Just because of how you make him feel, you are his gift from God. Your words, what you think of him means everything. In your femininity he is rendered loving and gentle, malleable. This is your power. This is his fear. This is why men must be handled delicately with strength. It is because of your power that men feel the need to protect themselves. You are his “Achilles Heel”. You can’t physically harm him, but you can mentally, emotionally and spiritually damage him.

Femininity is power. It is the tool of your craft. The respect that you want lies in your ability to recognize and hone your feminine craft of loving and being a source of healing; of being a source of strength; an ally. He will in turn provide for, defend and protect you. That is his way of expressing his love.

You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again.

I think this was Achilles’s way of telling Briseis that the time is now. I appreciate your femininity, your beauty. I appreciate being with you at this moment in time, for tomorrow is not promised. Yesterday is gone, now is all that we have. And he is right, we will never be in this time, in this place, ever again. Lets not take this time or each other for granted. Support. Nurture. Protect. Inspire. Love.

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