Why Balanced Male Female Energy Is Important

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This symbolism or concept of complementary opposites continues to present itself to me, making the significance and importance of the male/female energies evident. It is becoming very clear to me that these energies complement each other and depend upon the other for balance and creating a harmony that flows with the energetic flow of the universe. The more that I learn, the more in love I am with this magnificent duo! The fact that the male and female counterparts’ strength lies within their bond is so powerful and amazing, Divine and Godly. Apart, we are powerful, together we become a dynamic force!

In Western Philosophy, the concept of male female connectedness and complementary energy is found in the King James Bible, Genesis 2:21 -25, God takes one of Adams ribs and with it “made he a woman” and brought her unto the man. And Adam said, ‘This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man”. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

In Eastern Philosophy, the concept of pinyin, or yin yang as referred to in western society, literally means dark and light. It describes how polar opposites or contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent, giving rise to each other. Yes, exalting each other! This concepts of the interdependence of polar opposites lies at the origins of classical chinese science and philosophies; guides traditional chinese medicine and is the central principle for various chinese martial arts.

Summary of Yin and Yang characteristics

Yin Yang
Nature feminine masculine
passive active
receives creates
soft hard
dark bright
Symbols moon sun
tiger dragon
north south
Colour black red
Numbers even odd
Chinese character
Original meaning north side of a hill (i.e. away from the sun) south side of a hill (i.e. facing the sun)

Dualities: male/female, earth/air, fire/water, sun/moon are thought to be natural manifestations of the yin yang or the Adam Eve concepts of interconnected, polar opposites. One is dependent upon the other to continue a dynamic universal system of balance and harmony and cannot exist without the other. The whole is composed of the two, complete energies. The relevance of this concept of dual, equal, opposites and its importance to the flow of nature and creation is impossible to deny. Man and woman mutually give birth to generations. One would cease to exist in the absence of the other.

I experienced and gained a better understanding of the importance of this interconnected, interdependent relationship in a dream. In the midst of an ocean, I was interconnected with an unknown person, in which I faced the shore and the person faced the ocean.  My right arm drapped over the person’s back and cusped it and so did theirs mine. Tightly connected, yet with total submission to the powerful current of the ocean, we advanced and retreated, backwards and forwards. The natural power of the ocean was alive, powerful and totally intimidating. Emotionally, I felt fearful and uncertain. No emotion registered in my partner, only focus.  As  I settled into the ocean’s flow, I noticed that the ocean had a rhythm that was strong, soothing and non-threatening. As long as we maintained our bond and were in sync with each other, we  maintained a flow with the ocean’s rhythm. We were safe. I felt the presence of other people fighting the flow of the ocean’s current and as a result they experienced turbulence. I settled in more, feeling totally safe, realizing that our safety was dependent upon our balanced interconnectedness and ability to maintain this balance. We were sustained by our submission to the natural power and flow of the ocean, which is said to be symbolic of the universe, infinity, totality of existence, the collective unconscious, the womb, endless possibility and potential.

  • Fear and uncertainty represented an imbalance leading to turbulence, misfortune and death
  • The interconnectedness of our bodies represented natural flow and balance leading to harmony, prosperity and life
  • The ocean represented infinity, endless potential and possibility, totality of existence, God.

It is evident to me that not only should we be in full submission to one another, but in full submission to the Laws of the Universe, to the Creator. There was an all-consuming power and strength of the ocean that was set in its flow. It was impenetrable. Fighting against it meant loss, death. To go with it produced harmony and life. C’est la vie (Such is life) with the Laws of the Universe, the Laws of the Creator if we want to live life more abundantly. We need to be in sync, in line, on point and on purpose…with each other and with God.

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