Decisions… Decisions…

It is interesting how life gives you a chance to act on and implement the lessons it has been teaching you. I think it is quite divine, omnipresent, almost like standing on top of your world, as a spectator, as a puppeteer, pulling your own strings. Or like a sculptor, sculpting your life with every thought, touch, every decision. Or like a chess player, strategizing and contemplating the consequence of your next move.  You are the Master and the Subject being observed, molded, created and manifested.  What an awesome position to be in!

Like the spectator, the puppeteer, the sculptor, the chess player, you must exercise quiet contemplation, observation, wisdom and make careful decisions about the situation, which string to pull and when, how and where to place your sculpting hands  and strategic positioning.

  • Clarity of vision is required. Clarity of purpose and intention, a multidimensional view of the long-term plan;
  • Quiet contemplation and observation … of mental, spiritual and physical developments, manifestations, the intentions and strategies of all players;
  • Patience is required … to wait for the polls to come in, for the oil to rise above the water, the light to shine through the darkness, for the Truth that will bring clarity;
  • Wisdom is required … to see the Truth of the matter, for proper positioning, knowing the right amount of pressure to apply, how to gracefully navigate.

Patience, IntrospectionVision and a Yielding Spirit are most important if we are to learn life’s lessons.

  • Patience, to sit with and observe the dynamics of what’s being presented to us; participating sometimes as a passive observer and other times as an active participant;
  • Introspection, of your inner thoughts and feelings, remembrance of the lessons learned from past experiences;
  • Vision, the ability to view past events and future hopes and aspirations as tools for gaining an understanding of the present and the role that it plays in going forward on purpose and in sync with your heart’s desire, within God’s Universal Laws of Life and Spiritual Progression;
  • Yield, be humble, be teachable, go with the flow, give space and time for nature to take its course;

THEN TAKE ACTION! ~ Peace & Love, Shonda

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