Quite often when we think about or hear about the curing of an illness or maladaptive behavior, it is coupled with the idea of a fight. When a person dies of the disease, it is said that “they lost their battle with cancer” for example.  Was their battle really with cancer? Is it always a matter of fighting the enemy? Should it be a battle at all?

The battle seems to be with self. And while we may call it a battle, healing is really a matter of acceptance and balancing of the natural laws of existence that governs the whole of life. Discipline. Our quality of life is determined by whether we respect and live according to The Divine Laws set forth by the Creator.

Wounds and their effect, dysfunction, will be healed by getting back in line with the Divine. Our power is directly influenced by our alignment with the Divine, which governs every aspect of our lives from relationships to diet.

 When a person is diagnosed with cancer, the manifestation was a process. The maladaptive cells are the result of a dysfunction in the bodily system, the environment; local, global, universal.  This dysfunction becomes routine and continues over time, taking its toll, resulting in cancer or other dis-eases.

When a person becomes majorly depressed, the mental and spiritual dysfunction has been compounded over time and without solution; without understanding and closure. The issues are hidden deep within the psyche and heart of the host, and then what we call mental illness is its expression.

We have made it quite difficult to live according to the divine laws because these laws are  not what we teach at home, in our schools, or in our places of worship. It is not what we practice. The Divine laws that govern all of our lives are barely touched upon, although essential to living purposefully, balanced lives.

When I think about our bodies, for instance, and its complex, yet simple system of operation, I am in awe! If we give it what it needs according to the Law, would it get sick?

The environment, Mother Earth, if we respected her and maintained her accords to the Law, would she not maintain her balance and our environment, sustaining our lives?

When I think about our relationships with one another, if we treated each other as the Divine and powerful beings that we all are, being the image and likeness of God, would we need to manipulate and destroy each other in order to feel superior and in control? We wouldn’t need to manipulate and withhold our love in order to get the love that we want. We would simply give Divine love to each other. We would support one another, collaborate and manifest Divine Intention. Isn’t that our purpose, to manifest the Divine?

When we are not balanced in our thoughts, emotions and actions, we step outside of the Divine, causing pain and suffering. I believe that we can be healed by stepping back into the Divine.

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