THE SWEET SCIENCE: Stick and Move Strategy to Life

Stick and Move is a term that I use when referring to the judgment and action used in our daily lives to achieve the results that we desire. In boxing terms, it is the decision to stick (to fight) and move (to elude). It is when a boxer jabs or uses long range punches then quickly steps in any direction using elusive footwork to evade the opponent.

Advice from the boxing forum:

“Stick is your jab, imagine your jab is your stick, and you are sticking someone with it. Then you need to move, that is when footwork steps in. You need to move laterally, forwards, backwards and vertically.”    ~Unknown

“Some people even think the move is more important than the stick others think the stick is more important than the move, but the truth is the stick and move should sleep together and are close like brother and sister.”   ~Unknown

“Your movement is your everything, to all the kids who are new to boxing — work on your footwork. Once you got it right, and I don’t mean fancy stuff, just your balance and coordination, everything else is gonna come relatively easy”.  ~Unknown

Nothing fancy, just using your ability to discern NOW timing versus LATER timing. It is an action derived from a thought process, a process of discernment, intuition, a divine knowing of the best choice of action, attitude, and approach. Stick is an aggressive, contact action. Move is a subtle, not necessarily passive, action of coordinated movement that is fluid, balanced, elusive, yet purposeful. In boxing, it is executed with speed, agility and fluidity.

Stick and Move is really a life strategy of discernment, a spiritual knowing of the best way to act in any given situation. Passive and Aggressive actions and attitudes is the best description. Some part of achieving your goals may require the Stick, jabbing action to remove obstacles, breaking down barriers to achieve subordinate tasks that are critical to achieving your goals and aspirations.  Another  requires the Move to take your rightful position in achievement of your goal.

The Move in boxing is just as much about eluding a return jab as it is about positioning.  If your move is strategic, balanced and well executed, you can avoid a hit, yet position yourself to return a good punch. The same is so in life. Your move, although spiritually driven, is strategic and purposeful.  It is executed with poise, grace and POWER!!!  PUNCH!!!  Not to hurt anyone, but to CLAIM THE PRIZE! TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL AND FULFILL YOUR HEART’S DESIRE, YOUR PURPOSE.

The Stick and Move Strategy is like Yin and Yang, Venus and Mars, Men and Women, Feminine and Masculine energy. The one is not balanced without the other.  Success and happiness are not achieved without the balance of the two. Although they are opponents, the test is within each opponent to balance and discipline the two energies in order to win.

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