If I Could See What You See…

I’ve often wondered what other see when they look at me. What do they think? What kind of impression do I make? What kind of person am I to the familiar and to the stranger? If only I could see what you see, would I make better choices in clothing, in friends, in men? Would I be a better woman, a better lover, a better mother? What would I change about me?

I would be a better friend to me, being sure to tell me that I love me all of the time. I would compliment me and give me constructive criticism for my betterment and edification. I would give me advice about fashion and relationships; about finance and career. I would be my best friend. I would tell me how to eat healthier and how to fit exercise into my day, with ease. I would tell me how to be better organized as a mother; how to be more patient with my children. I would tell me how to nurture both of my children as individuals, with the love, insightfulness and courage of Jesus, the Christ; of Buddha, of Mahatma Gandhi, of Martin Luther King, of Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth, of George Washington Carver…Of God, the Creator.

Mine eyes would strip away the covering and illusion of the clothing that I wear and the jewels that beautify my body. I would be naked in my eyes, to see what I feel, my deepest passion and fear. My reflection would be soul-deep. I would anoint my head with oil, til my cup runneth over…and I would dwell in the house of the Lord forever…Selah (pause)

I would lift me up when I’m down. I would make dinner for me and clean up after me when I’m too tired. I would wipe away my tears with happiness and laughter. I would kiss my own third eye…prayerfully anticipating an awakening.

I would give me…The World…With Confidence…That I…Would Give Back…To Those…In Need.

Ask me what I see.

I see that people are afraid to give, to receive, to laugh, to love, to share, to be free. People are afraid of judgment and rejection. Therefore we live a lie, in the past, in the darkness and protectiveness of denial. When we deny truth, we deny God.

I see, that it is in true friendship that we should be able to edify each other positively and negatively. We should be able to speak our truth with confidence and love, knowing that all is done in love and because we love. When we trust the motives and know the hearts of our friends and family to be genuine and loving, we should be able to receive criticism with open arms.


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