Last Night…

Last night I dreamed of a white wolf just like this one. I cannot remember what was communicated, but nevertheless, the encounter was profound enough for me to find out about what it means to have a wolf totem.

Totems are natural objects or animals believed to have spiritual significance to the person that encounters them either in person or in a dream, etc. The nature of the totem is to be your guide in how to go about your life. It has come to you to teach you the way by observing and understanding their way of life. This way, is known as their “medicine”. It is the knowledge and wisdom that they offer to help you along your path to realization.

The wolf for example is said to be friendly, social and highly intelligent, with a strong sense of loyalty to family in which they live by carefully defined roles and rituals. In particular, the White Wolf is probably the purest breed and symbolizes Sacred, Holy and Pure. The White Wolf as a totem indicates the presence of a loyal and powerful Guardian and Protector that is around at all times.

The ways of a wolf is ritualistic, structured with very well-defined territories and boundaries in their families or pack; strong family loyalty and support system; respect and honor for the family, both elders and the children, a pack-predatory nature; they tend to gorge themselves with food due to scarcity of prey in their environment; effective communication, how to read and respond; keen  senses of smell and hearing; and has an inner and outer coat that helps in survival of sub-zero temperatures, that is shed each spring.

Wolf Medicine teaches:

  1. Balance and democracy
  2. Use of ritual to establish order and harmony within life and family
  3. True freedom requires discipline and following Natural Law
  4. To develop strength and confidence in Self, yet;
  5. To know that you do not have to demonstrate and prove yourself to others
  6. Slow and steady will help you meet the mark
  7. Importance of teamwork and cooperation within a family or group;
  8. There is no such thing as a “Lone Wolf”
  9. Seek knowledge and return to the Pack to teach and share your Medicine, your Wisdom
  10. Make use of all that is available to you to make the most of what you have, NOT TO WASTE
  11. How to verbally communicate with the appropriate body language
  12. Listen to others as well as your inner thoughts and words will strengthen and enhance your intuition and discernment
  13. You should shed the outer layer of Self to reveal what is truly underneath
  14. To trust yourself and not to fear and reject those parts of Self that you do not understand or yet know.


This support is timely and appreciated. If totems as spirit guides are real with the purpose of supporting me in reaching my highest good in the eyes of the Creator, I welcome the White Wolf. Thank you for coming to teach me and to discipline me in the way of the Wolf.



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