Sex & Quantum Physics

I have often wondered how many couples make love to each others’ spirit.  I’m willing to bet that number is small compared to the number whose love making is the result of physical attraction and emotion, alone.  The physical attraction stimulates emotions that form attachments, creating the lustful urge to have sex.

Do you think that making love could be any deeper than that orgasm that turned your insides out? Maybe not if the intention is a physical release of tension or attainment of physical pleasure. But don’t you ever think, “This could be a lot better or deeper”?

There have been times that the sex could never have topped the feelings that I had for that person.  The desire that I had to physically connect with the person may have been very intense, but the deep spiritual connection was what I really wanted. Maybe the spiritual connection is the foreplay that leads to the physical act and continues to vibe and fuel the act. The leader in intimacy and relationships should always be spirit, in my opinion.  Instead spirit is reduced to a witness instead of a full participant.

Imagine being able to touch places within your partner that your physical body could never touch, penetrating the depth of another person’s spirit and soul… Tapping into their life force and you into theirs.

The term that comes to mind is “Quantum Sex” which I was just making up in an attempt to come up with a term to describe this “Divine Sexual Union”.  But I found this light hearted, humorous definition that I just had to share from the Urban Dictionary:

A spiritually uplifting sexual act celebrating Cosmic Unity, generally believed to be in higher-dimensional resonance with the Big Bang (a.k.a. the Primordial Sploog). Thanks to this Divine Resonance, an act of quantum sex (according to some very odd folks) may serve as a re-enactment of the original Divine Union or, as some might say “the God in me slapping bellies with the Goddess in you” – which, coincidentally, is thought by some analysts to be the linguistic origins of the breathy rhythmic phrase “Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!”

Humorous! But, on a more serious note, another term used is Quantum Tantra, a physics-assisted deep union with nature. It’s based upon the principles of Quantum Physics and that of Tantra. Quantum physics being a branch of science that deals with the discrete, indivisible units of energy. Through the lenses of quantum physics we can explore the energy of our physical bodies, as in energy centers (chakras) and learn how to work with our energy and understand how they relate to the whole, the Universe.

Tantra is an exploration of the fabric of the Universe. It explores how energies are woven together and interacting with each other on a universal plane. Exploring our energy bodies, our patterns, attachments/relationships with others, nature and with the universe… to all things, is the “Fabric of the Universe”.  The misconception is that great sex is the premise and goal of Tantra is a Western thing.  Tantra increases perception using all energy centers that balance store and distribute energy throughout the physical body including the sacral plexus , the energy center that influences sexuality and due to the effects of Tantra, heightens the sexual experience.

Sex has been misused due to lack of knowledge and understanding of its purpose in spiritual fulfillment and interconnectedness with the whole, the Universe. I feel a longing for this deeper, spiritual union that will not only connect me more deeply to my partner, but to the Universe and God. I wanted to make this point that sex is not as fulfilling as it can be or that it should be without seeking truth and spiritual awakening. Being mature in things of the spirit; being knowledgeable of spiritual concepts and wise in applying spiritual laws of the universe will heighten all interactions whether that be with nature or another human being.

I even think that if we explored this deeper connection, that we would solve many of our problems with giving and receiving love in our relationships along the way to the discovery of this “Quantum Union”, as it requires a knowledge and understanding; a desire and willingness to love and give love; the ability to open our hearts and our energy centers to the person to which we are trusting our bodies and ultimately to the Universe, to God, the Creator. What do you think?

Let Us Conjure Sensuo-Spiritual Ambrosia (Immortality)! (Creatively expressing my vocabulary, you know mixing and matching words)   



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