Always Give Thanksgiving

“Give Thanksgiving” was advice given to me from beyond by my deceased grandfather, Luther Alexander.  It seemed odd to me when I first heard it.

It was in September 1996 that he died at the ripe old age of ninety-eight years old. He was tall and very handsome, a simple man from what I remember as a child. Although not very religious, he was very spiritual. He was a devoted member of the Masonic Order in Tifton, GA. 

He was a farmer in his early years.  But by the time I  was born, he had a modest, yet comprehensive garden. In that garden were three rows of cucumber vines, just for me! Even at that early age, five or six years old, I took note of how he lived. He always wore khaki shirt and pants and a hat. He drove an El Camino!  His home was one room with a small kitchen area that led to the large backyard garden. He had a tightly made twin bed that you would see against the wall as soon as you walked through front door, and to the right was the doorway to the kitchen.  He loved peanut butter and bananas. He often burned sulfur to cleanse and clear his home of negative spirits and energy. And he often read the Bible.

Shortly after his death, I frequently reviewed what I knew of my grandfather’s life: his demeanor, his diet, his spirituality, simplicity and love of nature.  Then he came to me in a vision that looked like a camera frame; like when you look through the view hole of a camera.  He was in full color, not as my grandfather, but as a messenger and he said, “Remember to Always Give Thanksgiving”.  I was not familiar with the word “Thanksgiving” being used in that context. So, I looked it up in the Bible and recently, for the purpose of this post, searched its definition in  Merriam- Webster Dictionary :

  1. The act of giving thanks
  2. A prayer expressing gratitude
  3. A public acknowledgement or celebration of divine goodness

This message sank into my heart and I have never forgotten to pray and express my gratitude to the Creator for all things big and small. Experiences like this are the ways that knowledge becomes truth (WISDOM).  And once it is truth, it becomes my practice.

So, I just want to say that I am always thankful for your interest in what I have to say here on this blog.  I am thankful for my family and friends, my excellent health, sound mind and able body. I am thankful for this experience, in this life! Thanks to God for making this possible!  Today and everyday is a day of Thanksgiving. In every moment we should be thankful.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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