The Art of Synchro-Destiny

Have you ever been in awe of events and situations that seem to be perfectly orchestrated, yet coincidentally, “Unplanned Happenstance”?  You were just thinking of someone that you haven’t spoken to in a long while and they call you? Have you ever been so in tuned to someone or have someone so in tuned to you that they are able to plug right into your thoughts and emotions? They are able to clarify a thought of yours or satisfy you without discussion?

These incidences of unplanned, perfectness feel so much like right, like God! It is like plugging into an electrical socket. Things happen! It is just the right fit, the right decision, a lining up with destiny!  How else could you describe it?  It feels good! It is good! It is perfect and exactly what you need!

Like the one time that I quit a job without another one, things started happening, whereas before nothing was happening. But, I didn’t just quit my job; there were some signs and hints, nudges towards letting go of that job, CHANGE. I began having repeat and/or continuing dreams of me packing boxes; me waiting with all of my belonging beside the road, for a moving truck.  The dreams were profound enough for me to notice the “synchronicity” of their relationship and their validity to what was going on in my life and my heart, at that time.  The common theme was “Change”.  And I desperately needed a change at that time. I could taste it. I felt in my heart of hearts that a significant change was happening.

This profound chain of events happened in 1999, leading to my move from Atlanta, GA to Washington, DC in the year 2000.  As soon as I quit the job, THINGS STARTED POPPIN all within a two months period of time!!!  It felt like the Universe was just waiting for me to follow my heart, my truth, my knower! When I say the Universe, I mean, I felt that the birds and every blade of grass knew that I was moving into my destiny and the grass laid down for me to walk upon them, like the “RED CARPET”, while the birds cheered me on.  I FELT LIKE ROYALTY! I HAD ALL OF THE SUPPORT THAT I NEEDED. THIS WAS A “WALKING BY FAITH” EXPERIENCE!  I stepped into everything that I asked for and had every resource that I needed to make the transition. Ask me how I was able to make such a big move to D.C. without money to do anything: get my hair done for my interview, airfare to D.C., moving expenses, an apartment of my own. Oh My God!!! God was so good to me!!! I got the salary that I asked for and within three months, I received a $6000 raise!

Y’all (southern accent)! God is real! The Laws of the Universe are real!! There are laws that are fundamental to our living the lives that we came here to live. There are laws that once you tap into them, will put you on the “Yellow Brick Road”!!!!  I’ve experienced it!!

I stumbled upon this event not by accident, but by action!!  I didn’t know what I was doing, I just knew what I wanted and the feeling was so strong that I had to take action! I had to make a move! And I was convinced that it was right and that God supported me on it! That was the only reason that I quit my job. It wasn’t because I was angry, although a bit bored and unfulfilled. I needed change. My spirit needed change in order to be fulfilled, in order to grow. I AM INSPIRING MYSELF RIGHT NOW!

So, my question is, “How do we perfect this Art of Synchro-Destiny”?

I think it is like getting to know your body and knowing what feels good, what makes you orgasm, what fulfills your taste buds, what works for you. You have to taste it, try it, test it, to find out what works.  Knowing that spot, where to plug in to, knowing your anatomy, knowing the laws of nature and of the universe, GOD. Lets step out of the Matrix and into Reality, the truth, the real law that governs whether we succeed or not!


 Coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous.

– Bill Moyers


5 thoughts on “The Art of Synchro-Destiny

  1. This so inspiring Shonda, and the last line sums up what I needed to hear perfectly! “1st Step – Seek the truth of the matter, your heart’s desire.” I’m going to quote you on that! Thank you for this post!

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