If there is one thing that I have in common with butterflies, it is that I like retreating to my cave. I love the comfort and safety of my home. I enjoy creating a comfortable, loving, harmonious and esthetically pleasing environment. Although a caterpillar’s cocoon is not all that posh, it is warm and supportive of the life that resides there.

When I think about the purpose of the caterpillar’s cocoon, it is much like the purpose of a home, but more like the temple that we all reside in, our bodies. The Ancient Greek word for “butterfly” is ψυχή (psȳchē), which primarily means “soul”, “mind”.  So it is that our spirit, soul and mind are housed and protected in our bodies.


I call it wisdom that a butterfly knows to lay her eggs on the underside of a leaf to hide them and protect them. This same leaf is the choice food for the starving caterpillars when they hatch.  

I call it wisdom ,that when the time has come for its final metamorphosis, transformation, that the adult caterpillar knows to create a protection, a shield, a temple in which it will rest, regenerate, dramatically transform into a beautiful butterfly.

I call it wisdom when we, human beings, spirit beings, retreat to our temples to reflect and transform our souls and spirits, our hearts. We reflect inward to the heart of the matter, the TRUTH.

It is WISDOM to build a firm foundation on which to stand, a safe place to retreat, a healthy and harmonious environment in which to think and to heal, to seek guidance.

It is WISDOM to know when the transformation is complete.

It takes COURAGE to emerge, to live and fly as a BUTTERFLY.



Copyright © 2011 Shonda J Pertilla

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