Have you ever tried suspending or pausing your emotions long enough to sort out the source of the emotion and your intentions? Have you ever just stayed, relaxed in that emotion, sorting out the nature of what you were feeling? Or do you run from it, moving on quickly, denying or dismissing its source and impact?

I’m sure most of us are simply swept away by strong emotions.  Emotions are like thieves in the night, out of nowhere, it seems, they come. If we are uncomfortable with the emotions, we want to move on from them quickly, without actually analyzing them and dealing with them.  We dismiss them and push them back down into our spirits.

Well, I believe that this is the cause of depression, anxiety and many other mental and physical illnesses.  While a doctor’s solution is to medicate it. I believe the solution is to face it. I believe that we need to take it to our source, God, to get an understanding and better perspective on what it is that we are feeling and experiencing. We need to be able to balance and control our emotions. How do we do that?

It is through understanding the nature of life and human relationships. When consumed by an emotion:

(1)   Pause, marinate in it. Get a clear understanding of what you are experiencing.

(2)   Face it head on! Do not dismiss it. Don’t be afraid!

(3)   Take it into prayer.

(4)   Admit the feelings

(5)   Ask God for understanding and help

(6)   Speak from your heart without pretence or shame

(7)   Deal with and release the emotion through means that are healthy, such as:

a.      Crying

b.      Confronting the persons involved

c.       Professing the emotion to the Creator

d.      Journaling

e.      Art

f.      Prayer & Fasting

 This is how I uncover the conditions of my heart. I face the issues. No matter how painful an emotion may be, the ability to voice your truth to yourself first and then to the Creator is quite an effective way to cleanse your spirit.


To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.
William Shakespeare

 Copyright © 2011 Shonda J Pertilla

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