Love can be like a torch in the night, leading and guiding our intentions and actions towards others. For the first time in about two years, my heart desired to design and create a piece of jewelry, a necklace for someone. As an artist/designer, the process of creating begins inside of you. It is from information both spoken and unspoken; seen and unseen, that you create. It is purposeful. It is as if you are collecting information with every breath, every interaction, every conversation, every expression and emotion of your encounter. Sounds intense, but it is not for an artist. You look for and are very open to all things. This is where our inspiration comes from. Nothing is taken for granted.

The focus or the source of your creation is actually internalized, consumed by your spirit. An artist must get it into his/her spirit. In this stage, there is darkness, a black board, and clean slate sort of experience. It is here that love becomes your guide, your torch in the night, lighting your path, bringing to light what is to be created. Taking into consideration all information gathered and married with the tools of your trade, you create. While, I believe that I have always created jewelry with positive intention, this was the first time that I ritualized the process for the purpose of focusing my mind, heart and intentions on the spiritual needs of the person.  Slowly, but surely what was to be created was formed on the blackboard of my mind. I was able to create something meaningful and purposeful based upon the spoken and unspoken spiritual needs of this person. And nothing feels better than when you meet the mark; you meet the need; you inspire; you support someone else.

Beyond romantic love, there is a LOVE whose desire is for others to be whole and happy. This creation, intended to support and encourage someone else, also blessed me with an experience of the power of positive intention, focus and prayer. It was meditation for me. I felt balanced and at peace throughout the entire process.

I pray that love continues to guide me.




Copyright © 2011 Shonda J Pertilla

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