Give Yourself Permission

I’ve come to realize that it is not so much what others hold us to, as it is what we hold ourselves to or that which we deny ourselves. If it is healthy, then do it!

  1. Give yourself permission to cry when you need to. You will feel better. Don’t let the tears and the lump in your throat sink back down into your heart.  You’re clogging up the flow of Spirit and a cleansing. Get it all out and emerge stronger!
  2. Give yourself permission to love, whole heartedly, when it’s ok to; when the coast is clear; when there are no warning or yield signs. Go for it! What if it is right? Don’t drown it out with baggage from another relationship. I like to ride the wave of that good feeling that being in love gives. If you wait too long to let go, you’ll miss the wave that is so euphoric!
  3. Give yourself permission to feel guilty about things that you did wrong. Confess to yourself, to God and to the person that you did wrong. It’s good for the heart. You don’t want to carry the burden. You know what is right. Profess it and have a clear conscience.
  4. Give yourself permission to be sensual and sexy, alongside your intellect and smarts! I think this is so attractive and REAL!  This is a powerhouse package!  We all are sensual to some degree, but we try really hard to conceal that side of ourselves. Instead we project stern and stoic. Packaged the right way, you can be all of this and be Respected, Sexy, Successful and Prosperous!
  5. Give yourself permission to be uncertain. It is ok not to know what’s going to happen around the corner. No point in stressing over something that is not at hand. Deal with what is in front of you, right now! Give the present your all!
  6. Give yourself permission to be tarnished. That’s right I said it, “You are tarnished”. And so what!! I am too. Everyone has what is thought of as a defect, at least in the human sense of things. Whatever it is that you feel is a blemish of yours, know that if you face it and embrace it, as the test that it is, it will no longer hinder you or make you feel ashamed.
  7.  Give yourself permission to want better or more. There is nothing heroic or humble about settling for less than your heart desires. I’m not speaking of being inappreciative or gluttonous. I am speaking of knowing what makes you happy; what you have dreamed of and not settling for less. Sure, sometimes you will have to sacrifice for others, but this does not mean abandon your dreams and your passions for anyone. As a matter of fact, they should fit right into the scheme of things. They should be inspirations and or helpers.

I could go on and on about what we should give ourselves permission to do. What was on my heart was to give myself permission to be me and BE BOLD ABOUT IT!  So often we hinder ourselves with what we think or what others might think of what we do or don’t do.  I’m challenging myself to give me permission to DO ME! Doing me translates to LIVING MY TRUTH.  Isn’t this our purpose in life? We are like we are for a reason. BROADCAST THE REAL YOU! STOP FAKING AND PROJECTING WHAT YOU THINK IS ACCEPTABLE. YOU ARE ACCEPTABLE AS YOU ARE; AS GOD CREATED YOU TO BE!  THIS IS THE CHALLENGE. GIVE THE WORLD WHAT IT NEEDS…YOU.

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