Spirit Cannot Keep a Secret!

Today, someone with whom I have never held a conversation, made an observation of me. He said “You are going through a transformation. You are going through something. You have that sparkle in your eyes.” Of course I was caught off guard.  I have never said more than two words to this person. Yet, it is obvious that he’s been doing more than watching me. He has been studying my demeanor and whether he knows it or not, tapping into my spirit, my energy. Apparently my spirit has been talking to him too, telling him my secrets!

I have to admit that he was right.  I am going through some things. I am at another transition point in my life.   I have achieved almost everything that I’ve wanted to, in this 5 year frame of time, professionally and personally.  I have two beautiful children and I have met all of my professional goals leading up to branching out into my own business.  That’s my next step.

In order to do that, it is requiring that I travel light; to take off anything that is heavy and burdensome.  It requires that I shed skin and allow the new layer to shine through. Perhaps this is what this person is seeing. He is seeing the sparkle and glow of a more refined me. This transformation begins within, with spirit and it is forever evolving. I just didn’t know it was so apparent. It is good to know that it shines; it is sparkling versus dim and gloomy.

I am still working out some serious kinks, but I am optimistic. I’m feeling confident and excited. I’m expecting the best.  I feel a test coming on though. LOL!! What will it be?

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