The Path to Recognizing Your Blessings

Living or dying is thought of as a physical condition of breathing or not breathing; being physically present or not. To the contrary, life and death is more complex and transcends the flesh. Living or Dying is a state of mind and spirit; of being fulfilled or not. Is life filling you or are you being depleted? Are you being nurtured? Used? Abused? Taken for granted? Is your love and attention being reciprocated? Whether in a love relationship or a working relationship, we all desire to be fulfilled and appreciated.  We want to be blessed!

I have experienced my share of death. But, I have learned that death is required in order to live. Knowing the difference requires a death. On the other side of death is light, The Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. –Psalms 119:105 Meaning that the experience and process of death is required for a rebirth; a better understanding, wisdom, healing. Wherever there is a challenge and suffering, it is followed by a healing. So, this is good news! Whenever you are suffering, be confident that there is comfort and clarity on the other side of it, a blessing! The only requirement is that you are open to and accepting of the lesson, the blessing, that life is trying to get to you. Being able to walk these hot coals may blister your feet, but the blisters will heal. 

Living/The Blessing may look like a love relationship that compliments you, that supports you, nurtures and inspires you. Or a career that fulfills your dreams and aspirations to provide for your family and to be of service. It facilitates growth, achievement and happiness. While dying stunts or delays growth, achievement and happiness.

Whatever your situation may be, trust that you must go through this death in order to live a more complete life of wisdom and power. The wisdom helps you to choose wisely and to recognize and appreciate a blessing when you see one. It allows you to live and be fulfilled.

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