If this world were mine, I would give the peace of mind and understanding of what it means to transition.  It is our tradition to grieve the death of a loved one. Why? If we understood, would we grieve or would we celebrate? If we understood the meaning of life and its purpose, would we waste it? Each moment is unique and fleeting. Each day seems like a moment in time. It’s like sand in an hour-glass… INTANGIBLE. You can’t capture it…TIME.

If I could change anything about this life, it would be pain and suffering and death due to sin; sinful thoughts, behaviors and feelings that cause death; death of mind, body and spirit. I would give others the insight into their own pain and suffering and the tools to heal… SELF.

I would document everyone’s life through pictures, videos, testimonies and poetry. I would keep every moment alive from birth to death to share during the “celebration of life ceremony”. We would dance and pray and celebrate the life that lived in the earth and the life that lives on. We would pray and intercede on behalf of the life in transition, remembering all of our loved ones that transitioned on before, that may be welcoming, leading and guiding.

No one would need to dress up, or wear black. We would wear white linen, soft and flowing, cool and breezy, like the wind… SPIRIT. We would flow and move as one, like flowers in the field, praising, dancing, celebrating… SPRING.

From our tears would flow loving, healing power that cleanses away the pain of perceived loss. Tears that manifest the truth, the truth of life and death, would dampen the earth, preparing to nurture the seed of life… DEATH. Death is the shedding away, recycling of the earth… FLESH. It keeps our spiritual grounds fertile with knowledge and understanding… WISDOM.

Copyright © 2011 Shonda J Pertilla

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