Matthew 16:19, “And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

A few weeks ago, after reading Many Lives, Many Masters, a true story on past life regression therapy and reincarnation by psychiatrist Brian L. Weiss, MD., this scripture came to mind. The book is about a psychiatrist who stumbled upon the truth about life after death through regression therapy with a client and the evidence that we live more than one life. Relevant to this posting is the fact that the lives are connected by attachments from one life to the next.

Tonight I watched a movie, Talking to Heaven that brought me back to the subject of “whatsoever you loose and whatsoever you bind” on earth and in heaven. This movie is based upon the real life of clairvoyant James Van Praagh. In most biblical teachings, it is taught that binding pertains to the binding of demons and evil spirits. Loosing refers to the release of the person from the binds of the demon or evil spirit.

This interpretation is limited in that it ignores a key word, “whatsoever”.  Whatsoever, means what-so-ever; unlimited. Whatsoever we “tie together, hold, restrain, encircle with, bandage, put together, obligate” on earth, shall be tied together, held, restrained, encircled with, bandaged, put together in heaven. Likewise, whatsoever we, “free, make less tight, release” on earth, we shall be free and released from it in heaven.

Whatsoever obviously means anything: trauma, pain, sickness, relationships, etc.  If we hold on to them, bandage them (no healing), the bondage will translated into the afterlife.  Likewise, if you release them on earth, you will be free and released from the attachment in heaven, in the afterlife.

This spiritual concept links our current lives to the afterlife. It validates the importance of what we do here in relationship to what we carry to the other side. Many religious leaders will not touch the subject of reincarnation (rebirth) from the standpoint of being born again into another life. Most teach about the supposed rebirth that an individual is to go through when they’ve accepted Jesus Christ as their lord and savior. They are renewed in and through Christ.  It is because of this that many people do not take this life as serious as they should. Many people are thinking that whatever we don’t get right, Jesus will wipe it away and they will be made whole. Well, if Jesus wipes the imperfection away, He would also wipe away the lessons that teach and disciplines us. Lessons learned, truth, wipes away the imperfections.

We didn’t learn how to walk from someone propping us up and manipulating our legs. Or, even more extreme, we were not allowed to skip that part of our development and still have full use of our legs. Therefore, my opinion is that we are not allowed to skip these very important life lessons and come out on the other side, perfect. How can that be? There are spiritual laws that govern and if they have been set out before us, why would they be ignored if you do not abide by them, giving rise to your spiritual development. Development is a process. You don’t abort the process, unless you die. And Spirit does not die!

Therefore, I conclude that we had all better take this life more seriously, paying attention to our actions, our words and our attachments. Attach when it is necessary and advantageous, but let go for the very same reason. This is all about truth, discernment and being spiritually fluid. GETTING STUCK ON STUPID COULD COST YOU MORE THAN YOU THINK. In other words, Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding” (Proverbs 4:7). Seek truth, live truth, let go of anything that hinders you, whether that be people, things, negative emotions, pain/trauma, wrong thinking, etc.


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