A Customized Position Is Required

Staying focused on manifesting your purpose can be difficult with all the distractions floating around like viruses. Sound borne distractions whose mode of travel is by “words” are like viruses. They are vicious and highly contagious. These words may be packaged as friendly and caring, but yet they are negative and distracting. They eat away at your sense of purpose and focus. They are a distraction meant to level you out again, to connect you to the masses of others that live without purpose and focus.

I think this is what I have experienced this week. I let viruses in, knowing that they were viruses, thinking that they could not infect me. I was wrong. I was infected. I knew the exact time and moment of infection, although they had been working on my resistance for some time. I felt a bit defeated, not by them, but by self.  As I always tell my daughter, “When you know better, do better”. I knew better. I cracked the window a little too much.

As a result, for a moment, I let disappointment overpower me.  Why? Because I had certain expectations of an entity outside of myself and God and when I did not get the level of results that I expected, I was disappointed. My first plan of action was a reaction to the emotion, retaliation. Retaliation is to return injury for injury to gain some sense of satisfaction in having someone feel the pain that we’ve felt as a result of their actions. Although retaliation’s purpose may be to defend one’s self; its effect is harm and punishment.

When you are in this frame of mind, you are distracted from purpose. In this case my retaliation was to seek other employment. When I began seeking online for opportunity, nothing fit my dream job. Nothing fit the description in any way, shape or form! Why? BECAUSE, I’M LIVING BY DIVINE DESIGN!!!  A CUSTOMIZED POSITION IS REQUIRED. It is extremely difficult for me to move out of sync with what I perceive to be my purpose. I say perceive because it is still being realized. I’m not done. God is not done with me.  I am still in the classroom. I am still learning, gathering and assimilating information about this spiritual way of living, about the Divine Design.  In doing so, nothing is cookie cutter. It’s all customized.

Therefore, searching for another position is not the answer for me. Working according to plan and divine inspiration is.  So, in my brief moment of disappointment, I was distracted. And you’d better believe the viruses were awaiting their opportunity. The good thing is that I’ve become good at bouncing back quickly!

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