Free Agents: A Common Thread

Since my last entry, I’ve spent time reading the biographies of several remarkable people who through tremendous passion and spirit driven determination, accomplished great things. They broke barriers! They stepped out from the crowd; out of the box and into the path of faith and purpose. They risked their lives and some lost their lives fighting for the betterment of mankind; fighting for truth, justice and equal rights, for humanity.

I’ve been so inspired by their stories, their convictions and their spirits, all seeking truth. Seeking of truth is what set them apart. It was as if Truth was their guide, leading them in the way that they should go. Like a light that lights your path; you follow and step where the path is lit. As light is shown on anything, darkness rescinds or is brought to not. Progress ensues.

Truth was a common thread. So, was their connection to God; their burning passion for spiritual understanding. Fear and courage were their companion. Or shall I say, the weapon of their warfare against fear was courage and an instinctual, spiritual urging that they could not deny. They stepped out on faith, with an intention to uncover truth; defy the norm; right the wrongs; inspire the people; break the barriers and chains that imprisoned and stifled the spirit of humanity. And they did!  “The Walls of Jeriko Came Tumbling Down”.

Have we seen any leaders such as these since Martin Luther King Jr.. Has anyone stepped up and out for a worthy cause with such force and collective support? Maybe there hasn’t been any causes worthy fighting for? Maybe we are so complacent with our current statuses that we don’t see a need to test the bar that is set? Likely.

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