Unemployable: The Entrepreneurial Spirit

The word unemployable keeps popping up in my spirit. I’ve come to the conclusion that I may be unemployable. Having another employer would not fulfill my desire to change the world. When you’ve done just about all you can do to get the knowledge and experience you need and want, then you begin to ponder on “what next”? The ship you’re on is about to dock. Your journey on board is about to end. What next? I can see the port from a distance. My ship is pulling up to the port and I will get off. This is what I’ve been waiting for and anticipating. My heart is filled with new ideas, inspiration, knowledge, wisdom and aspiration to forge on in a new direction; the one that is made for me and is laid out for me. There’s nothing I want more than to walk the path that leads to my destiny. Have you ever felt like that? Do you ponder about walking in God’s glory? What must that be like to be walking according to plan, God’s plan? What does it feel like when your eyes see what God sees; when your spirit is one with the Spirit of God; when you are walking the walk and talking the talk of truth and with power? It must be glorious and destined to bring about the changes needed to facilitate the healing that we need; that the world needs.

I’m ready to be a true entrepreneur, a free agent for God. Leaving the employer’s nest of comfort and stability is a dream for the entrepreneurial spirit. No longer depending on the favors or wages of man to fulfill your worldly needs, will be a blessing. Doing God’s will is your duty and you will be rewarded greatly in this life and in the spirit. Are you ready for the first flight test? If you’re like me, you’ve been testing the waters for a long time. You’ve been standing on the edge of the nest, looking forward to the time when you’re finally prepared and ready. Looking forward, looking up, not down; looking for God’s will in your professional life.  Asking, “how can I be of better service to the people I serve?

If you haven’t thought along these lines, you should consider going into partnership with God on this journey we’re all on. When you partner with the Creator, your aspirations defy the norm; it defies your employer’s mission. God cannot be contained and neither can you! Step it up!

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