I should be asleep right now. I’m really setting myself up for exhaustion. About once per month I do this almost all night thing. I have gotten a lot done and am more organized now, with a long ways to go to where I want to be.  I still have reading to do for class tomorrow. But, I think I’ve needed some reading away from, but related to the topics of the course. In diverting my attention, I’ve gone back to some reading on purpose/mission in life. This focus is on going for me I guess until I know that I am on target. It is extremely important to the quality of life for any human being. Anyhow, I was reading an article on a blog called Purposeful Entrepreneur in reference to “your calling”.  I answered the questions that were asked in the article. After doing so, the article asked about any obvious themes in the my answers. And an obvious theme was writing, my passion for writing. Writing really is very revealing of the truth even when in disguise. The answers to the questions revealed how important writing is to my fufilling my purpose in life and I’d never really realized that before. I would be really upset if my last hour rolled around and I did not complete and publish the books that I have on paper and in my heart. More importantly, writing is about inspiring and healing.  I have written papers that moved and inspired me as I was writing them. I often go back to my writings and have been surprised at how much I was inspired by them. It was as if I didn’t write it. My heart is so open when I’m writing that sometimes it consumes me.  That article really blessed me.

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