Walking By Faith

Several years ago I wrote a paper in graduate school entitled “Walking By Faith”. The paper was based on the Planned Happenstance model of career counseling. Planned Happenstance meaning serendipitous events; fortunate events that happen without influence, but by chance. My translation is
“Blessings that happen by fate, by stepping out on faith in our Creator who has our best interest at heart and through whom our purpose in life is unveiled.” In January of 2008, a portion of this paper was eventually published as an article of career advice in BHF Magazine:


This paper remains the narrative of my life. This blog is named after that paper and the concept that there are things in life that happen by fate. The more we step out on faith, the more serendipitous our lives will be. I love good fortune, blessings.  I hope you will continue to visit my blog and see what life has in store for me. And I hope whatever that it is, that it will also bless you.

Peace and Love

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